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After Twitter mockery, Trump campaign appears to change logo

Technically Incorrect: The suggestive jokes may have been too much. With a press conference under way, a fund-raising email goes out with what seems to be a rejiggered Trump-Pence logo.

By July 16, 2016


Twitter users stick it to Trump over new campaign logo

Technically Incorrect: The graphic symbol for the Donald Trump-Mike Pence ticket is perhaps more graphic than the campaign intended, at least to some of the Twitterati.

By July 15, 2016


New Kojima Productions logo is hiding a secret

Hideo Kojima says the logo you've seen so far is only just one part of the full design.

By May 13, 2016


LG Logos

The LG Logos won't impress passers-by, but the general performance doesn't disappoint, and the price is just right if your needs are simple. Just make sure US Cellular's coverage works for you.

By May 4, 2015

3 stars Editors' rating May 4, 2015

Virgin America logo prank would make boobs of us all

Technically Incorrect: In an early stab at April Fools' Day humor, the alleged logo looks like, well, breasts. This might remind you of the real Airbnb logo that reminded some of other female parts.

By March 31, 2016


The 404 Show 1648: Uber's awful logo, Error 53, how to survive the Super Bowl, "Hail, Caesar!" review (podcast)

Russ and Jeff gang up on Uber's hideous new logo, look up the meaning of Error 53, prepare for Super Bowl 50 and get a quick and dirty review of the Coen Brothers' latest film, "Hail, Caesar!"

By February 5, 2016


The Twitch/PC streaming guide: Add a logo or an overlay to your stream

Look like a real Twitch streamer with a custom graphic or overlay.

By January 27, 2016


Instagram crash may require app's reinstallation

The outages mainly hit the US Northeast and have significantly decreased since early Tuesday morning, according to Downdector.com, which reports on the status of online services.

By July 26, 2016


Dear Elon: Mobileye breaks up with Tesla

Mobileye's investors are not taking it well, sending the stock down after the news broke.

By July 26, 2016


How to watch every Marvel property in the perfect order

We've laid out every Marvel movie and tv show in the perfect order for you to watch -- or just to impress people.

By May 20, 2016