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LogLogic demos power of embedded Linux

Linux gets a lot of credit on the server, but with new appliances focused on security, monitoring, and compliance, LogLogic shows how important it is to the embedded market.

By February 17, 2009


LogLogic hires software veteran as CEO

Pat Sueltz, who's served at IBM, Sun, Salesforce.com, and SurfControl, now is in charge of a start-up that can help administrators make more use of server event logs.

By December 3, 2007


LogLogic open sources logs...for Windows

LogLogic's Project Lasso is an interesting open-source play, not the least because it's all about Windows.

By August 3, 2007


Analyzing public-cloud logs and transactions

Public-cloud providers could go a long way to making enterprise feel comfortable by providing access to log and data transaction analytics.

By April 14, 2010


To troll or not to troll, is that the question?

The Supreme Court is considering the validity of business method patents, but there's a more fundamental question for entrepreneurs: should one exercise one's patent rights?

By December 2, 2009


Want to analyze big data? Check your log files

Log files offer a wealth of information about system and user functions. They also provide a safe way to get started analyzing large data sets.

By September 16, 2009


In today's security analytics, every bit of data matters

True security analysis now includes tracking network flows, directories, physical access, and video surveillance--and that has changed the security technology model.

By January 22, 2009


Week in review: Let's 'Connect'

Facebook and Google officially roll out their universal log-in systems within minutes of one another. Also, Cyber Monday results amid recession, and Nokia's newest fancy phone.

By December 5, 2008


Whither Cisco MARS?

Cisco's offering for security and compliance management has languished, leaving the company with three choices: admit defeat, double down, or acquire a replacement product.

By December 3, 2008


IBM to start-up: Industry vet responds to recession

LogLogic's Patricia Sueltz heard a clear message about the economy from investors. But she already knows a thing or two about navigating through tough times.

By December 2, 2008