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Record-breaking NFL tweeter celebrates end of ref lockout

Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang sends out one more jab, a day after his infamous tweet breaks a retweet record.

By September 27, 2012


NHL 13: The answer to the lockout?

Season or no season, NHL 13 gives hockey fans exactly what they want: more realistic ice hockey action.

By September 10, 2012


Verizon zeroes in on point-of-sale, app attacks in data breaches

Hotels, retailers, and restaurants really need to lock down their point-of-sale systems, but don't have to sweat Web app attacks as much as financial services companies do.

By April 22, 2014


EA: NFL lockout or not, Madden must go on

Electronic Arts tells CNET that the upcoming Madden NFL 12 will be launching this August, regardless of whether the labor dispute between NFL owners and players is settled.

By March 21, 2011


Report: NFL tweaks EA deal over possible lockout

Concerns that an owner-player dispute may nix the 2011-2012 pro football season lead the NFL and EA to restructure their deal over the famed Madden franchise.

By February 15, 2011


Yahoo-Tumblr: 7 ways to evaluate the union

Tumblr needs to be woven into Yahoo's fabric to help it become more pervasive, mobile, social, personalized and profitable, as well as younger and faster growing.

By May 20, 2013


Facebook puts account security in the hands of your friends

With Trusted Contacts, your closest friends are the key to getting back into your account.

By May 2, 2013


Mozilla brands Persona as password killer

An update to Mozilla's beta log-in system lays the groundwork for using preferred Web mail username and password to sign in on multiple sites.

By April 9, 2013


Blow then start: The future of alcohol and driving (CNET On Cars, Episode 13)

The alcohol detector in your car's future, LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno star at the Geneva auto show, and top ways to add tech to your current car.

By March 11, 2013


Facebook overtakes Google Maps as top U.S. mobile app

Apple's removal of Google Maps from iOS 6 cleared the way for Facebook to claim the top spot in mobile apps, according to ComScore.

By January 23, 2013