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Facebook to share ads based on location history with advertisers -- but won't say when

With Nearby Friends, your location history is private to you and only you -- until the social network decides otherwise. Surprised? Don't be. Facebook is in the advertising business.

By April 18, 2014


Twitter offers location targeted advertisements

The micro-blogging site will now tailor its promoted tweets based on your location and device.

By July 19, 2012


Facebook users seek answers on advertising, privacy

During the open period for voting on changes in Facebook's data use policy, the company's privacy executives field questions in a live Web Q&A -- but don't explain much.

By December 4, 2012


UK broadband 42% slower than advertised, study says

A study has found UK broadband is a lot slower than advertised. But who are the worst culprits?

By May 13, 2012


FliteHub at crux of programmable cloud, advertising

A new marketplace from Flite promises to make ads more relevant and interesting by taking advantage of cloud-oriented technologies.

By September 28, 2011


Reporters' Roundtable: Online advertisers see all, know all

Through the Web and mobile devices, advertisers nowadays can build rich, incisive profiles of who you are and what you want. I discuss this trend with Ad Age's Irina Slutsky and Media Survey's Sam Whitmore.

By December 6, 2010


New ways for small businesses to advertise online

Many small-business owners have been disappointed in the return on their investment in Web ad programs, but Google Boost and other new services might help them attract new customers.

By November 26, 2010


Pandora lines up advertisers for iPad ad platform

Starbucks, Lexus, and Budweiser are the first advertisers to sponsor the new ad-supported iPad platform from Internet radio provider Pandora.

By June 14, 2010


Brandfolium tries to make Twitter advertising palatable

Want to sell your tweets? Check out Brandfolium's Navid.

By March 22, 2010


Guvera music site uses guerrilla advertising tactics

Australian music download website Guvera offers free music to its users — by bombarding them with the advertising campaigns of its sponsors.

By March 14, 2010