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Yelp plans splashy debut in location-aware mobile market

The business reviews site is working on an application for Apple's iPhone that will let "Yelpers" find out what's nearby and whether it sucks or not, representatives tell CNET News.com.

By June 4, 2008


Google Views' growth means death for longtime photo-sharing service

The little-known Panoramio service will eventually disappear as Google moves to a new Views option for sharing location-linked photos -- and adding imagery to Google Maps.

By September 16, 2014


Hate paying for return shipping? There's a subscription service for that

Clarus Marketing, a company with a long history of free shipping services, does something even Amazon won't -- it offers consumers unlimited, prepaid return shipping for any online purchase.

By July 3, 2014


Nokia Here gets come-hither with iOS, Android developers

Nokia's location-aware apps are currently unavailable for iOS and Android, but job postings suggest that could soon change.

By May 5, 2014


SAP touts service that sells customer data from phone firms

The European maker of enterprise software would serve as a kind of middleman, analyzing data gathered by various wireless operators, selling results to marketers, and sharing the profits with the wireless companies.

By May 21, 2013


Localmind gooses location-advice service by broadening focus

How do you get people to remember to use a service that they only need once in a while? Localmind keeps tweaking.

By February 15, 2012


Control location access by system services on iOS 5

iOS 5 includes some new options that allow users to control which system services can access their location information.

By July 19, 2011


Microsoft's online services hit by outage

The company's Office 365, Hotmail, SkyDrive, and other online services were down last night but have reportedly all been restored.

By September 9, 2011


SnapStream Beyond TV 3.0

ATI, Nvidia, and Media Center users should take a pass, but Beyond TV 3.0 is the best of the PC-as-TiVo rest.

March 28, 2004

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 28, 2004

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Garmin Nuvi 1690 features free NuLink data services

Garmin has just made the nuvi 1690 official, clearing up the speculation around its newest connected PND.

By September 4, 2009