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Tesla offers loaner cars, valet service

In a burst of service-related announcements today, Tesla says it will build a fleet of loaner cars for when owners have their cars in service, and says its battery warranty covers everything except collisions and intentional damage.

By April 26, 2013


So far most Volt owners passing on GM's buy-back, loaner offer

GM is offering Volt owners the choice of a loaner car or vehicle buy-back while NHTSA conducts its investigation into the extended range electric vehicle's battery. But so far only a few dozen people have taken them up on that offer.

By December 6, 2011


T-Mobile's Test Drive: Use an iPhone 5S to take a free spin on its network

The new program allows consumers to try out the service with a loaner iPhone 5S for seven days.

By June 18, 2014


GamerLibrary launches video game loaner network

Swap and trade video games with this new social network.

By October 12, 2007


Our SEAT Leon: Update one

In the wake of our Hilux leaving, Nick wondered whether he'd warm to our new Leon long-term loaner.

By November 9, 2013


GM willing to buy back Volts from worried owners

Volt owners worried about their vehicle's safety can get a loaner vehicle, or just sell the car back to GM.

By December 1, 2011


Apple pilot program to loan iPads to retail employees

A new pilot program at one of Apple's biggest retail stores is giving employees a chance to check out loaner iPads for use at home.

By September 21, 2011


Why T-Mobile figures it will steal more customers with iPhone 6

T-Mobile CEO John Legere believes the pieces are in place to benefit from iPhone switchers after Apple launches a new smartphone -- likely in September.

By July 31, 2014


Get a TextNow Galaxy S4 for $279.99 and service for $19

Last year's flagship phone is this year's steal, provided you're willing to live with a couple of compromises.

By July 23, 2014


Get a DJI Phantom FC40 quad-copter for $449

More than just a toy (but still insanely fun), this heavy-duty drone can record HD video and has a range of well over a quarter-mile.

By July 15, 2014