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The last place I want to try on an Apple Watch is in an Apple store

Technically Incorrect: Rumors suggest Apple may redesign its stores to accommodate its new watch. But can the normally noisy, crowded Apple store really be the ideal place to try on a "personal" product?

By March 12, 2015


At the Apple Store: Watching Geniuses watch the iPad Mini

While you were in the San Jose Cathedral or glued to your laptop, I wandered over to my local Apple store and basked in the Geniuses' ecstasy -- and agony -- over the iPad Mini.

By October 23, 2012


Baking the perfect loaf of bread

Cuisinart bread maker offers plenty of features and options for the home baker.

By March 10, 2009


Orphan Works: Half a loaf

The world of copyright may be about to change because of pending legislation, but in a guest post, James V. DeLong, says that Congress' hard work is only beginning.

By May 20, 2008


American workers: Lazy or creative?

Salary.com's Bill Coleman sees value in Web surfing and other time "wasting" activities at work.

By September 5, 2005


Stop reading this headline and get back to work

Study says Web surfing is the most popular form of loafing at work. Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing (so go ahead and read the story).

By July 11, 2005


This week in the workplace

The tech economy seems to be improving and more of us are employed, but how much work do workers really do?

By July 15, 2005


Week in review: Getting back to work

Recent evidence suggests the tech economy may be improving and more of us working, but what are we really doing when we are supposed to be laboring?

By July 15, 2005


Runaway bride toast attracts auction bread

New Jersey man carves Georgia woman's face into a piece of toast as a joke, but eBay bidders are eating it up.

By May 7, 2005


FCC role in flux amid broadband explosion

Federal regulators find themselves pummeled on both sides as they contemplate broadband regulation that Capitol Hill has declined to address.

October 12, 2000