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Sony Ericsson baffles with LiveView Android display

Sony Ericsson is betting big on Android, with a PSP phone in the wings and a newly announced Android-specific Bluetooth accessory.

By October 10, 2010


Sony Ericsson announces 'LiveView' for Android

The device works like a remote for your Android phone by letting users check incoming calls, control music, view calendar events, and manage social networking clients.

By September 28, 2010


Sony SmartWatch launches, delivers 'Android power' to wrist

The watch lets wearers read social updates, handle text messages, and manage calls directly from their wrist. It retails for $150.

By April 12, 2012


Sony SmartWatch is an Android phone's best friend

Are you tired of rockin' a G-Shock? Sony plans to drop a stylish watch this year that you may want to look into if you own an Android phone.

By January 15, 2012


Android Atlas Weekly 72: The Power of Kal-El (Podcast)

The power of Kal-El, Kindle Fire gets wet, and Flash is dead!? We discuss the rise of Android Watches and Republic Wireless is releasing an Android phone with a $19 a month service plan. All of that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

By November 9, 2011


Sony Ericsson remote needs Android version most of its phones don't have

Sony Ericsson has dreamt up a remote control that connects to particular mobile phones through the power of Bluetooth, but you'll need Android 2.0 to use it.

By September 28, 2010


Dialed In 145: BlackBerry reveals its PlayBook

RIM took a few of us by surprise this week by announcing its first ever tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Donald Bell, our resident tablet expert, joins us to discuss it and what it means to the mobile industry. We also talk about Windows Phone 7, 4G LTE, and a weird Sony Ericsson accessory.

By September 29, 2010


Android Atlas Weekly 18: Amazon enters the App Store fray (podcast)

Amazon is opening an app store, HP tells Android it's not you it's me, and apps that can save your life. Join Justin Eckhouse and Jessica Dolcourt as they dig into the stories making news in the Android world this week.

By September 30, 2010