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Spy on your own thoughts with Glass Brain

A new system for visualizing the goings-on inside the brain creates beautiful video images, letting us become neuro-voyeurs as we watch our thoughts fly around in real time.

By March 11, 2014


Where badass fish climb rock cliffs... with their mouths

Some of the world's toughest rock climbers live on Hawaii's Big Island, where they scale sheer rock the equivalent of a 26-mile vertical marathon.

By February 25, 2014


3D-printed toothbrush scrubs chompers in 6 seconds

The strange Blizzident 3D-printed toothbrush cleans all of your teeth in one go, promising a 6-second scrub.

By October 1, 2013


Could electric cars take too much water?

Controversial study suggests a rise of electric cars could mean a depletion of the water supply.

By March 11, 2008


Top 10 life-changing technologies

What inventions really make a difference in how we live our lives?

By January 14, 2008


Modern vacation: Fully wired, totally ruined

Staying connected is simple for employees. So is getting burned out.

By January 3, 2008


Sweet LOLcats! Puppies and kittens can boost productivity?

CuteOverload may be the cure for work overload. A Japanese study finds looking at pictures of cute animals can be a boost for work performance.

By October 1, 2012


NYU loses lab mice, years of medical research to Sandy

Because of power outages and flooding, the school has reportedly lost biological material stored in coolers, and lab mice kept in the basement of one of its animal research facilities.

By November 1, 2012


Stethoscope for the battlefield

New device can detect heartbeat amid bombings

By November 30, 2006