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Can the Seattle Seahawks' '12th Man' be a 747? Boeing says yes

To celebrate the Seahawks' appearance in this Sunday's Super Bowl, the aviation giant has painted one of its 747-8 freighters in the NFL team's livery.

By January 29, 2014


Porsche GT3 race livery designed by intern

Porsche let a recent industrial design grad pen the race livery for the North American company's entry in the Porsche Carrera World Cup race.

By June 27, 2011


Boeing shows off first fully painted 787-9 Dreamliner

The aviation giant sent out a photograph of the first 787-9 that had been fully painted. Decked out in Boeing's new livery, the plane will eventually go to Air New Zealand.

By July 26, 2013


Uber cab-hailing app hits another legal roadblock in NY

Livery car companies reportedly win injunction against the pilot program, which would allow potential passengers to hail a cab by putting their location information into a smartphone app.

By May 1, 2013


Instagram camera will have Polaroid branding

The Socialmatic, a camera inspired by Instagram that can print filtered photos, will be decked out in Polaroid livery when it's released in 2014.

By February 28, 2013


How Boeing's 777-300ER could help save American Airlines

American has gone through some very rough times. But now, it has an all-new livery and is the first U.S. carrier to fly Boeing's 777-300ER, the world's most successful two-engine plane.

By February 2, 2013


Lincoln replacing Town Car with MKT livery, limo variants

The cancellation of the Lincoln Town Car leaves a huge void in the fleet vehicle market that Ford-Lincoln plans to fill with a pair of Lincoln MKT livery variants.

By October 4, 2010


In NYC: Private livery service, public Wi-Fi

Private cars outfitted with mobile hot spots may be the answer to delivering free Wi-Fi to all of New York City

By August 6, 2010


Can't find a taxi? Try UberCab

Tapping its network of nearby on-duty private livery cars, UberCab is an iPhone app that enables you to hail a Town Car online and have a driver confirm that it will pick you up at your GPS-determined location.

By July 12, 2010


Acer Liquid E Ferrari: How do you say Android in Italian?

Ferrari's plastered its brand on everything from watches to push bikes, and now it's slapped its red livery on an Android smart phone from Acer

By June 1, 2010