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What's next from Google and Intel for Chrome OS?

Google and Intel are making a Chrome OS announcement on Tuesday, which probably means new Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

By May 5, 2014


Google launches liveblog tool for Google I/O

I/O Live platform uses Google+ feeds to add running commentary to conference video streams. But it's really only half of a live-blogging tool, because it doesn't allow readers to comment.

By June 25, 2012


CNET's CES 2012 live streams take live-blogging to the next level

This year, CNET is live-streaming (almost) all of the CES 2102 press conferences from our CES special coverage. Sound and pictures make all the difference.

By January 9, 2012


Where to follow Samsung's Galaxy and Ativ event on CNET

Samsung's busting out a supertanker-load of new kit tonight at a spangly event here in London town and CNET has you fully covered.

By June 20, 2013


Where to follow tonight's Sony PS4 E3 keynote on CNET

Sony has promised to show off more than 40 new games at its PlayStation 4 event at E3 tonight -- follow all the action on CNET from 1.30am.

By June 10, 2013


PlayStation 4 should go all-in on cloud-streaming games

The technology for live-streaming gameplay is still imperfect, but the era of physical media is ending.

By February 19, 2013


HTC jumps the gun on rivals, new products on 19 February

HTC will reveal the next generation of HTC smart phones on 19 February, days before smart phone rivals do the same.

By January 29, 2013


Bin Laden raid live-blogged (week in review)

Pakistani Twitter users unwittingly describe raid in progress, while Sony grapples with security headache. Also: Intel goes 3D.

By May 6, 2011


Android updates embarrassing, but do users notice?

Android 4.0 seems to be taking ages to get out to devices. Developers still favor writing for iOS. It sounds terrible for Android, but there are reasons why it might actually have little impact on Android users.

By June 8, 2012


Join us now for Tim Cook's chat from D10

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off the D10 conference at 6:30 p.m. PT as the event's headlining interviewee. CNET will be live-blogging the chat.

By May 29, 2012