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Create the GDSII stream format file for transferring or archiving 2D graphical design data.

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HP touts new mold for the chip industry

Think of it as a Play-Doh Fun Factory, but on a molecular scale. HP teams up with Nanolithosolutions on an imprint lithography system. Images: HP-Nanolitho's imprint lithography tool

By May 1, 2007


Chipmakers, N.Y. state seed lithography project

AMD, IBM, Micron and Infineon, as well as the University at Albany, are allocating more than $580 million toward the effort.

By July 19, 2005


IBM promotes making chips in the bath

An experimental version of immersion lithography could help cut the cost of making chips in the future.

By February 19, 2006


Photos: Rethinking the future of chips

Imprint lithography is among the many emerging technologies that could extend the life of Moore's Law.

April 19, 2005


Training molecules to draw chips

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have come up with a way to organize molecules through lithography, the science of "drawing" chip circuits.

By July 23, 2003


Intel downplays delays in chipmaking gear

The company faces changes in its chip manufacturing schedule because a new batch of lithography equipment, due in 2005, now is set to arrive sometime in 2007.

By February 18, 2003


Intel breathes life into Moore's Law

Using Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography, or EUV, the chipmaker may be able to save the threatened "law" that says the number of transistors on a chip doubles every 18 to 24 months.

By April 22, 2002