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John McCarthy, creator of Lisp programming language, dies

Also a pioneer in artificial intelligence, McCarthy is credited with having coined the term in 1955.

By October 24, 2011


Netflix's nightmare on Wall Street (week in review)

Video rental service sheds subscribers and market cap, while HP opts to stay in the PC game. Also: Apple TV on the horizon?

By October 28, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1519: Content holders become content withholders (Podcast)

Fox decides to implement an 8-day window and subscription authentication on its content across the Web ... which we know consumers love. No really, we love that. Meanwhile, patent wars continue to ruin smartphone innovation -- hopefully not so much that it prevents us from getting the transparent gadgets that some genius Stanford researchers. Also, Mango is coming!

By July 27, 2011


'Star Wars' promises big reveal tomorrow

With the phrase "May the 4th be with you" emblazoned across the top of the page, a "Star Wars" Web site promises: "All will be revealed."

By May 3, 2011


IBM's Watson bores as 'Jeopardy' big shot Sherlock

In the first of three nights playing against two great "Jeopardy" champions, IBM supercomputer Watson scores well but shows precious little character. He also made howling errors.

By February 14, 2011


Apple releases massive security update

In company's second such release for the year, more than 40 specific updates address fixes for features in Mac OS X

By March 18, 2008


iPhone rules pose Net neutrality, antitrust concerns

Complaints raised over Apple restricting VoIP applications, blocking Firefox and other Web browsers from iPhone platform.

By March 10, 2008


Professors: Java 'damaging' to students

Two computer science professors at New York University wrote an article in which they call for teaching solid programming languages like C, C++, Lisp, and ADA.

By January 8, 2008


Palamida: Rival snitched open-source database

Palamida accuses rival Black Duck of "blatant plagiarism" of a database of open-source projects. Black Duck says it only used a "small slice."

By October 24, 2007


What's In A Name?

How did (parent . thesis) get it's name? If you know LISP, it should be obvious...

By June 13, 2007