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Yale Linus

The new Yale Linus lock aims to be a fully integrated smart-home security device, and it looks promising.

By October 8, 2015

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'Peanut'-ize yourself with a Charlie Brown look-alike generator

Join the world of Snoopy, Schroeder and Linus with an online Peanuts character generator that turns out your comic-strip avatar.

By September 22, 2015


Linus Torvalds is livid -- directs middle digit at Nvidia

Linus Torvalds gets graphic about his feelings toward Nvidia. Uses a few choice words to vent his anger about Nvidia's lack of Linux support.

By June 17, 2012


Linus Torvalds: 'Linux is bloated'

Linux kernel's founder made the startling comment at LinuxCon Monday. But is this a sign of failure or success?

By September 21, 2009


Linus Torvalds on the "four-letter word" called "innovation"

Innovation isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

By July 19, 2008


Linus Torvalds: Don't glorify the security "monkeys"

Linus Torvalds is right: Security is not our biggest problem in software.

By July 17, 2008


Linux founder endorses Google's Nexus One

The Google phone gives Linus Torvalds mobile phone religion--though more for apps than voice calls. Also: Firefox progress using Android's Linux.

By February 8, 2010


Linus Torvalds' most memorable quotes

Linus Torvalds has said many interesting things, but here are my top two.

By June 6, 2008


Is Linus Torvalds even speaking for Linux anymore?

Don Reisinger wonders if Linus Torvalds can speak for the Linux community anymore. Is he?

By February 7, 2008


Linus Torvalds: Mac OS X and Windows can't hold a candle to Linux

Sometimes really smart people say really dumb things. Here's a case in point.

By February 5, 2008