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Lindy CAT5e infrared extender hides gear, prevents nagging for just £80

Boxes here, boxes there. Something needed to be done, or Mrs Crave was going to start getting cross. So we put everything in a cupboard, but we couldn't control it. Until the Lindy IR blaster arrived.

3 Images By September 22, 2010


Lindy mains conditioner: Cleans filthy power

Dirty electricity messing up your AV gear? Lindy has the solution, with its six-way mains cleaning and surge protecting power strip

By December 3, 2008


Lindy 4-port HDMI switch: For people with too many devices

If you've got more HDMI devices than you have HDMI sockets on your TV, don't worry, grab some of that hard earned pre-economic-crisis cash and get a switch like this

By June 26, 2008