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Linden Lab buys two commerce start-ups

The two will be combined into Xstreet SL, a Web-based marketplace for the buying and selling of goods for the virtual world Second Life.

By January 21, 2009


Linden Lab CEO: No credit crunch in 'Second Life'

q&a Mark Kingdon says the virtual world, which is "only now starting to realize its full potential," is still seeing record-breaking Lindex currency trade levels.

By October 24, 2008


Linden Lab selects Mark Kingdon as new CEO

By choosing someone squarely on the business side of things, the 'Second Life' creator may be hinting that it wants to beef up business and head for an IPO.

By April 22, 2008


Linden Lab demos hands-free interface for Second Life

Second Life is a getting a new interface using 3-D cameras.

By April 11, 2008


Philip Rosedale to step down as Linden Lab CEO

Founder of virtual world Second Life has announced that he plans to resign when the company finds a replacement, but that he will stay on as chairman of the board.

By March 14, 2008


Upheaval at Linden Lab: Cory Ondrejka out

Who exactly is behind the reported decision is unclear, but it would be big news for Linden Lab and for "Second Life" users.

By December 11, 2007


Linden Lab to participate in memorial for popular designer

The Second Life publisher agrees to naming April 17 "Ginny Talamasca Day" and will donate two sims to the cause.

By November 30, 2007


Why Android won't be getting App Ops anytime soon

Don't hold your breath hoping that Android will regain the hidden permissions toggle that Google pulled last week, because it's going to be a long wait.

By December 19, 2013

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With a full array of multicolor LEDs and promises of IFTTT compatibility, this smart-home conversation starter might prove surprisingly useful.

April 28, 2014

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Facebook kicks off holidays with Gifts expansion

The social network continues its quest for e-commerce dollars with new Facebook Gifts partnerships.

By November 15, 2012