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Huh? RIM looking to hire iOS app developer

The mobile company posts a job listing on LinkedIn looking for an iOS developer with 7 years to 10 years of professional experience.

By March 22, 2012


Huh? Galaxy Nexus still listed in Best Buy ads as 'Nexus Prime'

All the confusion over the release of the first Ice Cream Sandwich Android phone does make one thing clear--it's coming very soon.

By November 28, 2011


New Hampshire voters: Net neutrality? Huh?

Despite our best efforts to unearth tech-inclined voters, Net neutrality doesn't ring a bell with most residents we interviewed in the Granite State.

By January 8, 2008


Personal stress reliever? Huh?

I just don't understand this gadget one bit.

By December 11, 2006


AT&T named 'most valuable' telecom brand--huh?

The company has been named the most valuable global telecom brand, according to Millward Brown's BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011. But remember, "valuable" does not mean "reliable" or "responsive."

By May 9, 2011


Cheezburger's Ben Huh: I can has Q&A?

Beh Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network, publisher of the hit blog I Can Has Cheezburger, sits down for a 45 Minutes on IM interview.

By May 18, 2010


Five questions with icanhascheezburger's Ben Huh

We get a quick sit down with icanhascheezburger's Ben Huh to talk about what's been popular, and what's next for the memes site ring.

By May 27, 2009


Ben Huh can has successful business model?

The CEO of ICanHasCheezburger.com has some surprisingly sound business ideas, considering he's a guy who makes his money off dorky photos of cats.

By October 9, 2008


Set up your Apple TV just by touching it with your iOS 7 device

Huh? Yep, it's for real, thanks to a combination of Bluetooth and Apple's iBeacons technology, which arrived quietly inside iOS 7.

By September 26, 2013


How to use Tasker on Android

Your smart phone's not smart enough for ya, huh? Boost your Samsung Galaxy S2's dexterity using the excellent Tasker app.

By March 30, 2012