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Laser Cat Pointer Simulator

Impressive and fun simulator laser pointer on your mobile !

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A new, unique and easy to use app from Dulux allows you to create your own colour schemes with ease and confidence. The experts at Dulux will give...

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Study: Interactive exercise games qualify as exercise

Researchers study middle-school children playing so-called exergames and find that energy expenditure during the games can be moderate or even vigorous in intensity.

By March 7, 2011


A look at Microsoft's latest surface computer

In an interview with CNET, researchers Andy Wilson and Hrvoje Benko talk about turning an entire room into a surface computer.

By October 4, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1322: Ballmer gets fitted for a Santa suit (podcast)

Windows 7 slate by Christmas? Seriously? FLO TV really didn't, your iPhone could be our new set top box, Panasonic takes another run at gaming, WebOS could be moving into a mansion, and you've finally got your jet pack, alright? Now stop whining.

By October 5, 2010