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Apple-Samsung jury foreman shares his 'lightbulb moment'

Two jurors in the Apple v. Samsung patent case, both electrical engineers, discuss how they came to their $1 billion decision with CBS News/KPIX correspondent Don Knapp.

Aug. 28, 2012


Solar lightbulb to shine on developing world

The Nokero solar-powered LED lightbulb is designed for the more than 1 billion people who rely on kerosene lamps due to limited or no electricity.

By Jun. 12, 2010


The lightbulb of the future?

Silicon Valley's Luxim has developed a lightbulb the size of a Tic Tac that gives off as much light as a streetlight. CNET News.com's Michael Kanellos talks to the company about its technology and its plans to expand into various markets.

Mar. 18, 2008


Lightbulb wars: More than just LED

LEDs for general lighting are charging ahead, but existing products can still be role players. It's all about understanding the pros and cons of different technologies.

By Oct. 22, 2010


A lightbulb that's not a lightbulb

Could the GlowBrick be a sign of the future?

By Oct. 29, 2006


Vu1 readies efficient lightbulb Edison would love

Vu1 has another idea for efficient lighting: Based on cathode ray technology, its UL-certified lightbulbs put out similar light to incandescents but use less energy and don't contain mercury.

By Oct. 8, 2010


Can lasers save the incandescent lightbulb?

A bright idea from University of Rochester researchers promises more efficiency from standard bulbs and may offer renewed competition with CFLs.

By Jun. 3, 2009


Meet the £35 lightbulb and the phone charger that drinks alcohol

Toshiba is all about saving the planet, and what better way to keep the polar bears safe than by introducing an LED lightbulb and a battery you can charge with alcohol

4 Images By Feb. 12, 2010


Lightbulb-shaped clock tells watt time it is

The Watt Time alarm clock is constructed out of high-gloss, hard plastic that lets the digital time display shine through the bulb's outer casing.

By Aug. 26, 2009


A lightbulb powered by radio waves

Forget that electrode splatter. To make light, you need RF and a special designed cavity.

By Aug. 23, 2007