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Logitech buys video-conferencing firm LifeSize

Acquisition puts the maker of Webcams and other peripherals into the video-conferencing market.

By Nov. 10, 2009


Buy a 'life size' AT-ST Walker, you deserve it

A nearly life-size AT-ST Walker is up for sale and ready to be the crowning glory for your "Star Wars" collection.

By Sep. 23, 2013


At Maker Faire, giant mousetrap crushes a taxi

The crew of a human-size version of the board game Mousetrap--think bowling balls instead of those tiny metal marbles--arrived in New York this week with the aim of using the proudly inefficient machine to flatten one of the city's yellow cabs.

By Sep. 26, 2010


Microsoft to start connecting Skype and Lync by June 2013

Microsoft's mission to connect its consumer and business communications services is running later than many expected, according to the latest Lync road map.

By Feb. 19, 2013


Taxes--why your cell phone bill is so high

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presses for Internet freedom, Apple announces subscription services for its App Store, and a report shows taxes on mobile phone bills vary quite a bit state to state.

By Feb. 16, 2011


Why we believe most of the massive Xbox roadmap rumor

Crave's Christopher MacManus takes an in-depth look at an enormous leaked 56-page Microsoft Xbox road map to 2015 Powerpoint file that dropped over the weekend.

By Jun. 17, 2012


Huawei: You don't need to be afraid of us

CNET dives into the colorful history of the China-based company and its attempts to get into the U.S. market, and where it stands now.

By Mar. 14, 2012


Week in review: Pre-holiday buying spree

Lots of big tech players go shopping, while Intel closes antitrust deal. Also: Windows 7 inspired by Mac OS?

By Nov. 13, 2009