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LifeHacker article: Triple-boot your Mac without Boot Camp

Apple's Boot Camp utility has made installing Windows on your Mac in a dual-boot environment a very streamlined process. With just a few clicks you can use the Boot Camp assistant to partition and format your drive for use with Windows, and then install Windows onto the ready partition. Apple also supplies drivers with Boot Camp so various Apple hardware will work in that environment.

By May 6, 2010


"Better" Firefox extensions update at Lifehacker.com

Firefox just keeps getting better. These extensions improve your browsing experience.

By July 6, 2008


Get a $310 Mac software bundle for $49

This "Lifehacker-approved" collection includes tools for improving your productivity, security, and system performance. Plus, a no-purchase-required freebie bundle!

By February 18, 2013


Geeks join crusade to kill grating vuvuzela

Lifehacker is offering a video primer on how to filter the din of those noisy horns during soccer broadcasts. Our ears are very thankful.

By June 17, 2010


Look out! Here comes your Spider-Mac!

By way of Lifehacker, I bring you the Spider-Mac desktop. Basically, one of Lifehacker's readers took a Spider-Man comic panel and made a useful desktop background out of it.

By April 3, 2009


Rumor: Gawker Media to launch science fiction blog

The parent company of successful blogs like Kotaku and Lifehacker is rumored to be working on a sci-fi title, and has a highly sought-after editor in mind.

By June 12, 2007


Get color-coded timestamps for your Gmail inbox

The Reply Now extension for Chrome or Firefox replaces Gmail's timestamps with relative times in red, yellow, or green.

By June 13, 2014


Get easy browser access to Dropbox with QuickDrop for Chrome

The QuickDrop extension gives you access to your Dropbox files and folders from a browser button and lets you upload files simply by dragging and dropping them to Chrome.

By August 12, 2014


Stay in better touch, be a better friend with Tinyblu

​Keep tabs on when you last spoke to or saw your friends to with this simple Web app to avoid long lulls in your relationships.

By July 24, 2014


Chrome: Read more with fewer clicks with HoverReader

Chrome extension HoverReader lets you hover over links to read the full text of articles.

By May 6, 2014