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MPEG LA offers patent license for 3D video

Building the MVC technology for 3D video into a Blu-ray player will cost 10 cents per device, and selling discs costs a penny a pop, according to newly released licensing terms.

By February 25, 2012


Apple sues Motorola over Qualcomm licensing deal

Apple is in court again, this time with Motorola. It's trying to stop Moto asserting patent claims in Germany.

By February 11, 2012


New Apple suit targets Motorola over Qualcomm license

A new Apple lawsuit takes aim at Motorola Mobility in the U.S. for breaking a contract both companies have with Qualcomm for the license of one of its wireless patents.

By February 10, 2012


Google promises fair licensing after closing Motorola acquisition

Google sends letter to IEEE promising fair licensing treatment governing Motorola patents.

By February 8, 2012


Google to promise fair licensing for Motorola patents

The Web giant has some reassurances ready to go, Bloomberg reports. Good timing: European regulators are expected to rule on the companies' $12.5 billion merger by next week.

By February 7, 2012


Musical chairs: YouTube, labels close to renewing licenses

Universal Music, Sony and EMI are all in license-renewal negotiations with the video-sharing service, sources say. Preventing piracy is a big issue.

By January 13, 2012


Apple yanks fake driver's license app

Despite the existence of apps that pour digital beers, make e-fart noises, and load and fire virtual guns, Apple has decided that creating a fake driver's license is over the line and has thus pulled it from the App Store.

By December 12, 2011


YouTube buys licensing-firm RightsFlow

Web-video site acquires company that helps songwriters, recording artists, labels, distributors, and online music services set up licensing and royalties arrangements.

By December 9, 2011


Report: Apple offered Samsung a license on key iOS patent

Despite Apple's apparent intellectual-property war on iPhone and iPad lookalikes, it appears the company has licensed at least one key iOS software patent to Nokia and IBM--and that it offered a license to current court rival Samsung as well.

By December 3, 2011


MTV in talks to license Vevo videos

Last year, the two companies couldn't agree on licensing terms, but now they are close to reaching a deal, sources tell CNET.

By December 1, 2011