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Stream your media libraries to your iDevice with Quik.io

If you have a music or movie collection that won't fit on your iPhone or iPad, this free app makes everything available on demand.

By Jul. 12, 2013


How to share iTunes libraries between user accounts in OS X

You can change iTunes' default behavior to allow all accounts to use the same media folders.

By Aug. 5, 2013


Givit offers 'one click' transfer of FlipShare libraries

Service for privately sharing videos says it can help you easily transfer and store your Flip vids--before Cisco shuts down FlipShare for good.

By Mar. 15, 2012


How to manage folders in libraries in Windows 7

Learn how to use one of the built-in tools that Windows 7 provides.

By Jul. 12, 2011


Libraries in OS X

There are three main libraries in OS X that may sometimes be a source of confusion for users, especially when troubleshooting odd problems that may happen with the system.

By Dec. 1, 2010


Kindle books now available from 11,000 libraries

Service allows free checkouts from local library Web sites direct to a Kindle. This means that highlighting and margin notes in library books are no longer a problem.

By Sep. 21, 2011


How to set up multiple iPhoto libraries

Using more than one iPhoto library is an easy way to divvy up expansive photo collections.

By Jul. 28, 2011


Penguin halts libraries' e-book lending, citing security fears

Amid a surge in e-book sales, the publisher raises concerns over insecure book-lending distribution and pulls back on allowing digital-book borrowing.

By Nov. 22, 2011


More on Transferring iPhoto Libraries

More on Transferring iPhoto Libraries

By Oct. 15, 2002


iPhoto '09: Missing libraries, other problems

Some users have reported that their iPhoto libraries are missing after the iLife '09 update. One reader writes:

By Jan. 28, 2009