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Perfect Pairing

The ultimate guide to elevating your tasting experience with wine, beer, & spirits.Whether sipping a rye whiskey, guzzling an ice cold pilsner, or...


IceLiners ice the inside of your drinking glass

Forget frosted glasses -- the IceLiners Kickstarter project wants to coat the inside of your drinking glass with ice.

By August 11, 2014


Martini glass set ends 'shaken, not stirred' debate

Martini Glass Chillers keep drinks ice-cold, by separating ice from drink.

By November 13, 2008


'Tis the season to send spam

The volume of junk e-mail is spiking--just as consumers gear up for holiday shopping.

By November 20, 2006


Antispam spec sets off on path to standard

Yahoo, Cisco and partners have submitted DomainKeys Identified Mail, which helps verify the sender of a message, to a standards body.

By July 11, 2005


Microsoft to submit antispam standard

The company becomes the latest technology giant to seek industry approval of a technique to prevent spammers from hiding unwanted e-mail behind legitimate addresses.

By May 19, 2004


AT&T to turn on interactive TV by year end

Ma Bell is revealing more details about its interactive TV service and says it expects to launch it later this year.

May 9, 2000