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Legal liability for YouTube viewers

Users of YouTube and other video-sharing sites could face $750 per clip penalties if they have watched a video that was uploaded without the copyright holder's permission.

By May. 14, 2008


EC takes three steps back on software liability

The European Commission wants to regulate software through new liability laws, but could do far more good by simply ensuring open markets.

By May. 12, 2009


EU software liability law could divide open source

The European Commission is proposing that software companies be held liable in Europe for the security and efficacy of their products. How would this affect ISVs?

By Jun. 11, 2009


Q&A: Red Hat CEO believes Delta past isn't a liability

Jim Whitehurst, 40, thinks his experience as Delta's COO will help him turn Red Hat into a big company. Also, he talks the open-source talk.

By Jan. 4, 2008


Correction: Apple stock

The original version of this story incorrectly accounted restricted stock payments of exercise price or tax liability as sales.

By Jun. 21, 2013


Crave Giveaway of the Week: Official rules

These are the official rules for the Crave Giveaway of the Week.

By Mar. 13, 2014


CNET's Always On / Torture Test Giveaway

These are the official rules for the Always On / Torture Test Giveaway.

By Sep. 13, 2012


Prevent unauthorized use of material you share on social networks

Anyone can send unlicensed users a takedown notice, but the only way to collect damages for a violation of your copyright on the images, videos, and other items you post is to register them with your friendly local copyright office.

By Jan. 24, 2014


Apple fails to win permanent ban of Samsung products

Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple's renewed request for a permanent ban of 23 Samsung smartphones and tablets.

By Mar. 6, 2014


Apple loses bid to dismiss states' e-book antitrust cases

Judge rejects Apple's argument that states lack standing in the case, which seeks as much as $840 million in damages.

By Apr. 15, 2014