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Tokyo auto show: Lexus LF-Xh concept

How do you follow an act like the Lexus RX?

May 21, 2008


Video: Lexus LF-Xh concept

CNET Car Tech gets video of the Lexus LF-Xh concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

By October 29, 2007


Two LFs: Lexus concept cars

Lexus shows off the LF-Xh and the LF-A concept cars at the 2007 Tokyo auto show.

By October 24, 2007


Toyota lets loose Lexus concept car details

Lexus concept cars for the 2007 Tokyo auto show include a hybrid-electric sedan and a two-seater sports car.

By October 11, 2007


Practicality will top panache at Paris show

'Automotive News' reports on debuts at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

By September 26, 2008