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Forget being a victim. What to do when revenge porn strikes

The Internet is a terrible place sometimes, but thankfully there are now organizations that can help people who become victims.

By May 13, 2015


Get an Oplink AlarmShield home-security system for $124.99

Smartphone-friendly and free of monthly fees (unless you go premium), this is complete home security in a box.

By February 25, 2015


U.S. releases details on PRISM

The director of National Intelligence says he has declassified some information "in hope that it will help dispel some of the myths and add necessary context to what has been published."

By June 8, 2013


SEC probes possibly fraudulent Facebook pre-IPO sales

CNET has learned the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued subpoenas in investigation of fund that allegedly tried to sell 500,000 pre-IPO Facebook shares it may not have actually had.

By September 19, 2012


Create a letterhead template in Microsoft Word

Give your documents a personalized look in just minutes.

By April 14, 2008


Quark Promote lets novices make promo materials

The new, easily approachable tools allow non-designers to create their own promotional materials.

By December 28, 2009


Larry Magid's 1984 review of the original Macintosh

In January 1984, Steve Jobs--whom I described in my Macintosh review as "Apple's young chairman"--gave me a preview of the original 128K Macintosh. As you can tell from the review, I was very impressed. Thousands of reviews later, I still am.

By January 22, 2009


Corn farmers take anti-Google fight to Washington

A secretive lobby group with ties to cable operators may be behind an anti-Google letter to Congress signed by the American Corn Growers Association and others.

By June 11, 2008


Ferret out Windows' system-info hiding places

Discover all the locations where Windows stores information about your PC.

By April 11, 2008


mac.column.ted: Happy Anniversary to Default Folder

The venerable tool is twenty years old.

By February 15, 2008