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Jay Leno takes a walk on the dark side with Hot Wheels' Darth Vader car

We'll assume Anakin's sports car smells better than his actual helmet would.

By December 14, 2015


How does Jay Leno get parts for his one-of-a-kind concept car? 3D printing, of course

The former talk-show host and massive car geek relies on new manufacturing techniques to provide parts you can't just pick up on Alibaba.

By December 8, 2015


Watch Jay Leno take the Aston Martin DB10 for a spin

The king of car geeks gets an in-depth look at James Bond's next set of wheels.

By October 26, 2015


After four years, Acura is still serving up NSX Super Bowl commercials

And the car still isn't on sale, although that's on the verge of changing. Finally.

By January 29, 2016


Jay Leno kisses nerd in GoDaddy Super Bowl ad re-creation

Jay Leno wanted to kiss Bar Refaeli. What better excuse than to re-create her Super Bowl ad kiss with a nerd? Then comes the switcheroo.

By February 7, 2013


Mille Miglia 2014: A front-row seat

XCAR drives nearly a thousand miles in a 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupé, following millions of dollars of metal and catching up with Jay Leno, Brian Johnson and Jodie Kidd along the way.

By August 21, 2014


Calif. lawmaker to introduce smartphone 'kill switch' bill

Sen. Mark Leno wants to make the security feature -- aimed at bricking stolen smartphones -- the law.

By December 19, 2013


Jay Leno's guests do battle in electric Ford Focus

The soon-to-debut Jay Leno Show has revealed the car it will be using for its celebrity driving challenge segment, an electric Ford Focus.

By September 10, 2009


Conan joins Twitter, beats Leno in hours

With just one tweet, the appearance of Conan O'Brien on the microblogging site entices hundreds of thousands of people to follow him.

By February 24, 2010


Battery-electric Ford Focus featured on 'The Jay Leno Show'

Ford and the new "The Jay Leno Show" on NBC are teaming up to showcase battery electric vehicle technology as part of the show's "Green Car Challenge," premiering September 14.

By September 10, 2009