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Tax-free Internet shopping days could be numbered

Pro-tax states and the National Conference of State Legislatures are hoping to persuade Congress to let states impose new fees on Internet and mail-order sales.

By April 15, 2008


Indiana passes blogger-written data breach bill

With a stroke of the Governor's pen on Monday, Indiana became one of the few states in the country to provide strong incentives for businesses to encrypt customer data. Unlike many of the laws that pass through state legislatures - this one was not ghost

By March 25, 2008


Don't Glass and drive -- lawmakers seek to ban Google Glass on the road

West Virginia lawmakers are already pouncing on the existence of Google Glass and introducing a bill that would prohibit drivers from making a spectacle of themselves.

By March 23, 2013


The Great Privacy Debate takes place tomorrow in D.C.

Join us for a debate moderated by CNET's Declan McCullagh at the National Press Club tomorrow. The topic for debate is timely: Consumer privacy can be adequately protected without new legislation.

By July 17, 2012


House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

GOP leaders want "immediate" implementation of controversial ID plan that would make it more difficult for many Americans to travel by air or enter federal buildings.

By March 3, 2011


Controversial climate fixes up for debate

Geoengineers are considering some drastic measures to slow global warming. Are they safe for the future?

By December 17, 2007


How to respond to a data-breach notification

When a company contacts you about a potential loss of your personal data to hackers, you may be left wondering what information was stolen and the potential consequences.

By August 20, 2013


GSA vulnerability highlights dangers of SSNs as IDs

A recently fixed vulnerability at the U.S. General Services Administration highlights the dangers of using your Social Security Number for identification. Federal and state laws restrict use of SSNs by public and private organizations.

By March 23, 2013


How to participate in the open-government movement

In his first term, President Obama started to make good on his pledge to improve government transparency. But a truly open government depends on citizens actively ensuring that all public agencies share information and respond to feedback.

By January 22, 2013