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LG's 2013 televisions promise natural voice search and all-LED backlights

LG's range of televisions will be dominated by LED-backlighting LCDs and features like voice recognition and 3D, while only three models will boast plasma technology.

By December 31, 2012


LED backlight a likely culprit in iPad heat issue, says expert

The new iPad has twice as many LEDs as the iPad 2, which means more heat from those LEDs and from the battery, a display expert tells CNET.

By March 20, 2012


Monitor LED backlight kit is easy on the eyes

The Antec "soundscience bias lighting halo 6 LED kit" (phew!) lights up your life, or at least the back of your desktop monitor. It's intended to ease eye fatigue, but could find a home in maker projects.

By April 27, 2011


Philips Cinema 21:9 with 3D, full LED backlight and silly glasses

We loved Philips' 21:9 set -- now its 2010 successor has arrived, and it should be an even more impressive piece of tech. We take a look in this lovingly crafted photo gallery.

17 Images By December 6, 2010


Monitor tech: LED backlighting

The ins and outs of LED-based monitors.

By November 23, 2010


Philips 40PFL9704: Brushed metal 1080p LCD TV with LED backlighting

If you want a 1080p TV with LED backlighting, amazing sound and more features than you can throw a stick at, may we suggest the Philips 40PFL9704 -- as long as you're loaded

By January 28, 2010


Toshiba Cell TV: How its LED backlighting works

LED backlighting isn't much of a mystery, but we were still thrilled to see a Toshiba demo explaining it in considerable detail -- so have a look at these photos, and get to know LED TVs better

4 Images By January 7, 2010


Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 1080p monitor with LED backlight: Hands-on photos

If you want a monitor that looks awesome, saves you money and the polar bears, you might want to look at the Samsung XL2370, which is really very good at all of those things

8 Images By October 1, 2009


Sharp LE600 and LE700 LCD TVs: Full LED backlight, none of this sidelight shenanigans

LED backlighting is, without doubt, the future of LCD TVs, adding new levels of black, incredible contrast and realistic colour -- Sharp is keen for us to make the switch with its new range

By July 16, 2009


Photos: Samsung UE46B8000 1080p TV with Twitter, widgets and LED backlight

We're always thrilled when an impressive new TV comes into the office, and after Samsung's superb 7000 series, we were very keen to tear the packaging from the company's newest screen

23 Images By June 2, 2009