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Famous gamer retires, wrist can't take it anymore

Technically Incorrect: Hai Lam, one of the famed participants in eSports, has to give it all up because of a repetitive strain injury.

By April 27, 2015


Cities and states consider cell phone radiation laws

Following the lead of Maine and San Francisco, a handful of states and local governments across the U.S. are considering laws that address cell phone radiation concerns.

By August 17, 2011


SolarCity to offer solar-powered EV chargers

Targeting drivers of electric vehicles, the company will install ClipperCreek Level II chargers with solar option starting at $1,500.

By July 27, 2011


Trimaran gets some respect from the Navy

A new, high-tech trimaran warship for coastal operations combines stealth, speed and huge payload.

By October 5, 2007


Microsoft is handing out presence

Company doles out server software code in effort to help business applications makers build new communications tools.

By August 26, 2005


Microsoft to punch up corporate IM

Software giant prepares to launch Istanbul, its new desktop communications client.

By March 6, 2005


Microsoft logs on to secure corporate IM

Live Communications Server 2005 will encrypt instant-messaging communications but also link to Yahoo, AOL chat.

By October 26, 2004


Microsoft updates corporate IM

"Istanbul," part of the company's Live Communications Server 2005, weaves in features commonly found in Outlook.

By October 19, 2004


IBM supercomputing goes retro

Big Blue puts a new twist on an older technology. But will it steal thunder from the computing giant's other big machines?

By October 25, 2004


AOL opens messaging to enterprise developers

It's scrapped direct sales of its IM software to businesses, but AOL authorizes tools to let others do some tinkering.

By August 3, 2004