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Hear it all: JH Audio Roxanne in-ear headphones

Yes, it's expensive, but the best gear always is.

By February 11, 2015


UC Berkeley creates radio out of a nanotube

Radio, made out of a single carbon nanotube about 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, runs on batteries and requires headphones.

By October 31, 2007


Three guesses to identify this gadget

Hint: It's not a kitchen appliance.

By September 6, 2007


More indie films head to Web

By February 9, 2006


Russian firm points out new Adobe flaw

Thumbing its nose at the company that landed one of its employees in jail, ElcomSoft is pointing out new flaws in Adobe Systems' eBook software.

July 22, 2002


Jerry Garcia's guitars up for auction

After a long strange trip, two guitars once owned by the late Grateful Dead lead singer are put up for auction.

May 6, 2002


Adobe adds features to e-book software

The maker of graphics and publishing software releases two products designed to make electronic books as convenient as their paper and ink counterparts.

January 29, 2001