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Ego Power+ Lawn Mower

A bigger battery puts the Ego Power+ a cut above the competition.

By Apr. 2, 2014

MSRP: $499.00


Droplet smart sprinkler takes aim at your plants

The Droplet sprinkler takes accurate aim at individual plants and positions itself to be the Roomba of the watering world.

By Mar. 24, 2014


Stocksy stock-image site expects profit in November

A new entrant in the stock-image market seems likely to find a niche with a business model that returns more license revenue to photographers.

By Oct. 9, 2013


Your local park: Bad for the planet?

Study finds that maintenance for grass lawns and athletic fields emits four times the amount of carbon stored by the lawn itself.

By Jan. 21, 2010


Parrot Flower Power uses Bluetooth to look after your plants

Is this the best or the most useless use of Bluetooth yet? I'm not sure, but either way, it's cool.

By Jan. 6, 2013


Honda builds 130 mph fire-spitting lawn mower

Honda creates the world's most frightening lawn mower thanks to a challenge from British television program "Top Gear."

By Jun. 4, 2013


Your local park: Actually not that bad for the planet

A scientist corrects a previous assertion that emissions from park maintenance far outweighed the carbon benefits of the lawn itself.

By Feb. 23, 2010


Honda's Miimo is a robot goat for your lawn

The automaker finally commercializes its vaunted robotics know-how for home use. The Miimo will start munching grass in Europe early next year.

By Aug. 21, 2012


The spooky way to chill your drink

Illuminated pumpkin ice cubes are perfect for kids' parties.

By Sep. 18, 2009


Whoa. The full 'Social Network' trailer is trippy

And it sure doesn't make Mark Zuckerberg look good. The first full theatrical trailer for the Facebook creation story is full of backstabbing and Ivy League treachery.

By Jul. 15, 2010