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Locating friends, family with Google Latitude

Natali Del Conte takes a first look at Google's new Latitude service, which lets mobile phone users share their location with close contacts, such as family members and friends.

By February 4, 2009


How to set up Google Latitude on Android

Whether you want to check in to local places, or you just want to see where friends are, try Latitude.

By May 23, 2011


Google Latitude keeps tabs on friends' locations

How far away from the restaurant is your ever-tardy husband? New Google mobile phone software lets you find out, as long as he's sharing.

By February 4, 2009


Six ways to share your exact location with family (and why)

Keep an eye on your friends and family members' whereabouts with these helpful Android apps.

By June 24, 2013


Share your GPS location without compromising your privacy

CNET's Antuan Goodwin shows you how to use your Android phone's Google Maps app to share your location with others.

By April 4, 2011


HP Chromebook 11

A fresh look and comfortable feel make HP’s 11-inch budget Chromebook an appealing bet, especially for households that need a cheap no-frills Web-surfing Google Netbook. If you’re not thinking about productivity, though, you’re better off with a tablet.

October 10, 2013

3 stars Editors' rating October 10, 2013

To catch a thief, with monitoring software

Identity of faux thief is revealed in a matter of hours in CNET experiment with LoJack for Laptops.

By October 9, 2012


GPS location scripting broken with iPhoto 9.0.1

The latest update to iPhoto '11 is supposed to fix some upgrading and library conversion errors, but the latest version also seems to break some AppleScript functions that some third-party programs may rely on.

By November 2, 2010


Can GPS help prevent another missing child?

Stranger abductions are rare, but they're every parent's nightmare. GPS and cellular technology can help, but only if the device is turned on and getting a signal.

By August 31, 2009


Dell sees the light...emitting diode

Dell announces that it is moving to exclusively use LED displays for its laptops.

By September 24, 2008