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3D, 4G and laser projectors: We look to the future of mobile phones

Predicting the future of mobiles is easy -- devices will get thinner and Steve Jobs will get richer. For a more optimistic vision of the future of mobile phones, read our list of probable prophecies.

By November 22, 2010


Laser-powered quadrocopter stays aloft for 12 hours

Two companies say they have perfected a method of using beamed lasers to power a small flying device for more than 12 hours. The so-called quadrocopter can be used by law enforcement.

By November 3, 2010


SiOnyx 'black silicon' boosts solar cells with lasers

SiOnyx raises $12.5 million to commercialize semiconductor technology which treats silicon so it can capture more light for solar and imaging applications.

By October 20, 2010


Pioneer's prototype HUD mixes lasers, Android

Pioneer's prototype head-up display uses lasers to project full-color images onto transparent surfaces.

By October 11, 2010


AT&T releases the Pantech Laser

AT&T announces the Pantech Laser, which is supposedly the thinnest messaging phone the carrier has ever offered.

By October 6, 2010


Get a Samsung laser printer for $50 shipped

The ML-1665 is one of the most compact lasers on the planet. Just be prepared for toner-cartridge sticker shock, unless you go the refill route.

By September 22, 2010


Digital City 94: Why isn't cable TV dead yet? Plus, laser guns for jails, and a live MIDI guitar demo

This week, a heated argument breaks out over the cable TV regulatory landscape (we're sure you were just thinking about that as well). Plus, check out footage of a new laser weapon ready for use at LA County jails, and groove to some live music.

By August 24, 2010


Post-prostate erections? This laser tech may help

A fiber-based laser technology called BeamPath, commonly used to treat head and neck cancers, may reduce the risk of damaging the nerves necessary for erections in prostate cancer patients.

By August 5, 2010


Police to experiment with blinding 'Dazer Laser'?

A new Jersey company is presenting a blinding alternative to tasers--a gun that emits a green light at suspects and causes them to temporarily lose their sight.

By July 23, 2010


Raytheon's killer laser takes aim

Raytheon shows the world how it used a high-powered laser, combined with a Phalanx Close-in weapon system, to shoot four down unmanned aerial vehicles.

By July 21, 2010