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HairMax LaserComb: Comb your hair up, hopefully

Comb your hair up with LaserComb.

By August 29, 2008


My name is Dong Ngo, and I am not LaserComb-friendly

After 2 months of trying, Dong concludes he's not LaserComb-friendly. But he remains confident no matter what.

By October 24, 2008


Inside CNET Labs 19: Dong needs a bucket

Episode 19 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

By October 27, 2008


Find your inner 'Vader' or 'Smeagol' with Sonic Vox

Smule announces Sonic Vox, a voice-altering program for the iPhone.

By October 24, 2008


Crave: A comb that helps you grow hair?

Brian Tong is back, and he brought Hawaii with him. Bonnie Cha tells you how to customize your skateboards. And a comb that helps you grow your hair back.

By September 4, 2008


More lasers for the receding hairline

The "X5 HairLaser" is the latest alternative to the comb-over.

By March 21, 2008


'iLift' takes aim at cellulite

Don't blame us if you end up wasting $500.

By August 23, 2007


Britney's 'Midnight Fantasy'--an iPod

She autographs 10 for contest to promote her fragrance

By April 24, 2007


Spa treatment for CrackBerry addicts

New York outfit joins trend started by hotels

By March 19, 2007


A laser alternative to the comb-over

High-tech hair device has FDA approval

By February 18, 2007