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Nurse to Nurse Evidence-Based Practice by June H. Larrabee

Nurse to Nurse Evidence-Based PracticeJune H. LarrabeeMcGraw-Hill ProfessionalAugust 26, 2008A unique mentor in a pocket handbook covering one of...

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Intel: Initial Larrabee graphics chip canceled

Intel has delayed the release of its Larrabee graphics processor, saying it will initially appear as a software development platform only.

By December 4, 2009


Intel shows off Larrabee graphics chip for first time

Chipmaker demonstrates Larrabee--the company's first discrete graphics processor in about 10 years--at the Intel Developer Forum.

By September 22, 2009


Intel details future 'Larrabee' graphics chip

Chipmaker discloses details of its upcoming many-core graphics processor that will compete directly with Nvidia and ATI.

By August 3, 2008


Intel's 'GPA' points to Larrabee

Behind the release this week of Intel graphics software looms Larrabee, Intel's future graphics chip.

By March 24, 2009


Rumor: The Sony switch to Intel's Larrabee chip

Here's the rumor of the weekend, if not the week: Sony will use Intel's Larrabee chip in its upcoming PlayStation 4.

By February 8, 2009


Analyst: Intel's Larrabee chip needs reality check

Intel's future Larrabee graphics chip is an audacious project that faces very entrenched, capable foes, according to a report issued by Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar.

By September 12, 2008


Larrabee performance--beyond the sound bite

Glaskowsky responds to some attention from Nvidia and Slashdot for his earlier piece on Intel's Larrabee graphics processor.

By August 24, 2008


Intel's Larrabee--more and less than meets the eye

The many-core x86 Larrabee processor is designed for more than graphics, but will likely offer less performance at a higher price than competing graphics chips.

By August 5, 2008


Intel's Larrabee chip--in pictures

A depiction of Intel's future Larrabee graphics chip, one of the most important projects inside the world's largest chip manufacturer.

By August 4, 2008


Update: Intel's Larrabee chip a Pentium

Intel's future Larrabee graphics chip will use many tiny processing cores based on the venerable Pentium chip.

By July 9, 2008