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Bono risks becoming next Lars Ulrich

U2's frontman lashes out at ISPs for not doing more to stem online piracy because--he contends--they profit from illegal file sharing.

By January 3, 2010


Is Reznor a digital-music visionary? Ask Lars Ulrich

Metallica's drummer and onetime Napster basher says he wants to pick Reznor's brain about the band maybe leaving its music label. Wait, doesn't he hate tech?

By March 24, 2009


Lars Ulrich suggests Metallica could follow Radiohead

Heavy-metal drummer and lightening rod for antipiracy efforts changes his tune.

By April 25, 2008


Where Bakalar isn't just his name...he's actually Back-a-lar

Today, we actually get it right! We sucker in Tom Merritt to talk about Amy Winehouse's drunken badness, a guy gets denied an all-star game marriage proposal, unlimited cell phone minutes, and N+, like stick figure lemmings...but for Xbox 360.

By February 20, 2008


Lars and Ivan's excellent iPod adventure

It's weird, and it has no speakers, but we still like it.

By November 16, 2007


Napster foe Lars Ulrich takes label online

Lars Ulrich, the drummer for hard-rock band Metallica and better known in Net circles as Napster's most prominent antagonist, is launching an online venture of his own.

By August 7, 2000