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LADEE seeks the secrets of lunar dust (pictures)

The robotic mission will orbit the moon to analyze its atmosphere and conditions near the surface -- and perhaps solve a mystery that's baffled astronauts since the Apollo 17 mission.

12 Images By September 5, 2013


Apple could unveil new Apple TV at next week's event

Bills of lading filed with the Department of Homeland Security show Apple has recently received three shipments described as "set top boxes."

By September 3, 2013


Activist shareholder calls for Icahn-Yahoo combo slate

Eric Jackson calls for investor Carl Icahn's dissident slate of directors to take a minority representation on Yahoo's board. "Third option" would settle large investors worries, he says.

By June 16, 2008


Tracking the 3G iPhone by sea

Import Genius, a site that tracks shipments of goods entering the U.S., has some data that lends credibility to the release of Apple's 3G iPhone next month.

By May 24, 2008