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Mobile subscriptions poised to outnumber the world's population

A new report from the World Bank shows the impact of mobile technologies in facilitating human and economic development.

By July 18, 2012


YouTube opens up live streaming to partners

YouTube is widening the beta for its live-streaming video technology and letting in more users. It's the latest in a series of steps to give users and viewers live streaming.

By April 8, 2011


Artist-specific Kyte apps coming to iPhone

Company's new iPhone apps framework already has some users, thanks to Universal Music Group. Artists with Kyte apps include Soulja Boy, The Pussycat Dolls, and Keri Hilson.

By February 23, 2009


UMG expands Web video profile with Kyte alliance

Largest of the top four recording companies pens an agreement that will give its artists the ability to easily post streaming video.

By January 15, 2009


Kyte gets Google AdSense, fresh new mobile sites

Video-broadcasting platform Kyte is adding new ways to get revenue from its video streams, including new advertisers and neat new mobile pages.

By November 24, 2008


Kyte videostreamer leaves beta, enters business

The service's Mobile Producer app is now available on numerous S60 phones, but it's not aimed at the end user.

By September 30, 2008


Gartner urges planned parenthood for business apps

IT needs to get a grip on the sprawling number of computing applications springing up on corporate networks. They're often costly in the long run.

By October 19, 2009


Justin.tv syncs up with social sites

Famous as a haven for anonymous voyeurs, the streaming-video site will now let you filter through chat rooms to find out where your real friends are.

By April 8, 2009


CNET Live: Kyte CEO Daniel Graf [VIDEO UPDATE]

Tune in to CNET TV for a live interview with Kyte founder Daniel Graf.

By May 7, 2007


Kyte.tv launches: live blogging tool meets social network

Live broadcasting is the next big thing it seems. Kyte.tv lets you do it from your browser or your phone.

By April 23, 2007