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Man arrested after refusing to give camera to police at crash scene

A New Jersey man who claims to be an independent journalist films as a police officer demands his video camera. It doesn't end well.

By January 11, 2015


Mom checks Facebook, stops son from being shot, police say

A Utah mom sees comments on her son's Facebook page. They are from teens who allegedly claim they will shoot him. She informs the police, who say that the teens were ready to carry out the threat.

By April 8, 2014


Judge orders reporter to produce public interest story or go to jail

Katie Baker, a reporter for KUTV in Salt Lake City, violated a decorum order in the Warren Jeffs rape case. James Shumate, the judge in the case, held her in contempt despite the fact that she contends she was unaware of the details of the order.

By November 13, 2007