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At CES 2014 Krell ups the ante with new tech audiophile amplifiers

Krell has always represented the best of American high-end audio, at CES 2014 it's showing a new line of "green" power amplifiers.

By January 7, 2014


Krell's $65,000 heavy-metal speaker flies high!

Krell's Modulari Duo Reference speaker is a certifiably wild concoction of solid aluminum and no-holds-barred engineering.

By April 23, 2009


Krell's Papa Dock baby-sits its iPod KID

This system aims to satisfy iPod fanboys and uncompromising audiophiles alike.

By July 7, 2008


Krell KID iPod dock: £1,300... for an iPod dock

Krell is bringing the world's most expensive iPod dock to the UK, and it'll cost you as much as a small car or a large donkey

By February 21, 2008