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Backlash continues over Instagram's new algorithm

Users angry that the app plans to give higher priority to posts it thinks people will care about most are posting a potential solution with the hashtag #turnmeon.

By March 28, 2016


It's our fault the industry won't reach a 54.5-mpg fleet average by 2025

The feds believe automakers have what it takes to hit that target, but a public completely blinded by low gas prices is making this a serious uphill battle.

By July 19, 2016


So-called Top Tier gasoline really is better for your car, according to AAA

Next time you drive past a gas station, you may want to consider whether or not you really need to stop.

By July 8, 2016


Oakland man who repeatedly attacked Google HQ charged with arson

Citing that "Google was watching him," the man admitted to three previous incidents at the Googleplex, one of which involved a shooting.

By July 5, 2016


Google may face another EU complaint over its ad services biz

It would be the third antitrust complaint from the European Union, according to a report from Bloomberg.

By June 27, 2016


Goal of new NASA office: Protect Earth from asteroids

NASA gets official about defending Earth from asteroids with its new Planetary Defense Coordination Office, which will work to detect threats and coordinate a response.

By January 11, 2016


Pinterest starts displaying ads from Gap, Target, Kraft, and more

The social network for scrapbookers pops “promoted pins,” aka paid advertising, into users' search results and category feeds.

By May 12, 2014


Keep watching those cat videos. They may be good for your health

Research shows that the guilty pleasure can boost mood and energy levels. And yes, scientists say it's worth serious study.

By June 17, 2015


How to make a Nokia phone look cool: Put it in a mac 'n' cheese ad

A new ad for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese shows a man and his pregnant wife communicating via their Nokia Lumia phones. What ensues is treachery.

By May 1, 2014


Adults-only vending machine dispenses Jell-O

Kraft and Intel get together to create a vending machine that scans human faces and calculates age. Only adults are offered a sample of a new Jell-O product aimed at the non-kid crowd.

By December 27, 2011