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High-tech pipe organ to blow minds at famed SF theater

The city's Castro Theatre, known as much for its colorful organ concerts as its quirky film offerings, will house a massive $700,000 pipe-digital hybrid featuring a sample library used in the film industry.

By August 29, 2014


How Bill Ford turned an automaker into a tech company

During a speaking event at the Computer History Museum, Ford Motor Company Chairman Bill Ford talked of tech and environmental responsibility.

By June 20, 2012


JOBS Act: 5 things to look forward to (and 5 to dread)

As Obama signs the JOBS Act into law, crowdfunding becomes legal and companies get more flexibility in going public. Here's the good and the bad.

By April 5, 2012


TuneIn Radio adds police scanners, in-app donations

For real-time information as incidents are developing, nothing beats eavesdropping on the local police.

By November 7, 2011


At last, you can avoid the public radio pledge drive

San Francisco-based NPR affiliate KQED has unveiled its "pledge-free stream," an effort that would allow donors to listen to an uninterrupted stream of its programming during pledge drive season.

By April 21, 2011


Clever commercial, Comcast...but you're wrong

Cable company is taken to task over a misleading advertisement about how its high-definition programming compares with that of satellite TV provider DirecTV.

By September 8, 2008


FCC wireless auction for police and fire departments too

Government officials are writing rules to determine how to use extremely valuable wireless spectrum that will be auctioned in September to the highest bidder.

By July 16, 2007


Blogger Civility? One Leading Blogger Offers Standards

Should the blogosphere accept civility standards for itself? On leading blogger, Lisa Stone at BlogHer believes so and is advocating that everyone adopt some rules of their own.

By July 11, 2007