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Konarka touts gains on niche-y flexible solar cells

Solar cells made with plastic are cheaper to manufacture, but the technology is still seeking out niche applications, such as gadget-charging bags and solar windows.

By November 29, 2010


Green news harvest: Mascoma, Konarka ramp up clean tech

Konarka to make 1 gigawatt of plastic solar cells a year, Mascoma to make ethanol from Michigan wood chips, environmentalists chided for not understanding business, off-shore wind moves ahead in Oregon, the Tango electric mini car, clean tech job creation

By October 8, 2008


More solar options for charging on the go

Konarka Technologies' flexible solar panels find their way onto backpacks in Europe and shade structures in Middle East and North Africa.

By October 29, 2009


Transparent plastic solar cells fitted into windows

Solar company Konarka has signed a deal with window maker Arch to put its transparent solar cells between planes of glass for power-generating windows.

By May 8, 2009


Konarka, 12 others land federal solar-energy funding

Energy Department grants go to solar companies targeting more cost-effective solar-power generation and advanced materials.

By March 9, 2007


Green news harvest: Oil and solar...algae and jetfuel

Oil giant Total invests $45 million plastic solar cell company Konarka, while DARPA funds a project to make jet fuel from algae for military planes.

By December 16, 2008


'Printed' solar cells coming to windows, clothing

Konarka makes progress on its plans to print solar cells onto plastics, with initial products set for release later this year.

By March 12, 2008


Solar star Konarka raises another $20 million

Konarka, which specializes in plastics that convert light into electricity, has raised $20 million in its latest round of venture funding.

By February 14, 2006


Flexible, colorful solar cells coming next year

Konarka Technologies, an organic-photovoltaic cell maker, is partnering to deliver its flexible solar films for buildings, consumer products next year.

By October 15, 2007


Nobel laureate joins solar-cell firm

Arno Penzias, who won a Nobel Prize for physics, is now a scientific adviser to Konarka.

By August 4, 2004