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Kohjinsha's doublewide laptop display

Japanese PC maker shows a laptop with two sliding screens at Ceatec 2009.

By October 6, 2009


Kohjinsha Netbook goes really tiny

Known for making low-cost convertible tablets with 7- to 9-inch screen sizes, the Japanese maker's latest model is a notebook with a tiny 4.8-inch touch screen.

By September 11, 2009


Kohjinsha + Bandai = Netbook for kids

The Gachapin & Mukku Netbook is a limited edition, and it's aimed at kids using cartoon characters (a dinosaur and a bigfoot) that Japanese tots are familiar with.

By February 10, 2009


Kohjinsha SX: Netbook in integrated DVD drive shocker

Last week, someone in the forums asked if anyone made a netbook with an integrated DVD drive. "No," we replied, "that's not possible." But we were wrong

By September 10, 2008


Kohjinsha offers new tablet PCs in Japan

The brand has made a name for itself with affordable lines.

By June 25, 2008


Ceatec--gadget extravaganza in Japan

roundup The Japanese equivalent of Las Vegas' CES and Berlin's IFA is packed to the skylights with practical products--and offers a glimpse into the future of gadgetry.

By October 8, 2009


Dell's Studio line and Sony rumors: The week in laptops

Dell introduced two Studio laptops, Sony is reportedly on the verge of releasing new laptops based on Intel Centrino 2, and the little laptops keep on coming.

By June 27, 2008


AMD not launching netbook chip (it already has one)

AMD-based netbook-like laptop seen at Computex doesn't mean AMD is getting into the netbook space because, according to the chipmaker, it's already there.

By June 5, 2008


UMPCs: Very mobile but not very pretty

Before the Intel Atom processors, there was the A110. This chip spawned some unsightly notebooks.

By March 21, 2008


New UMPC priced to sell in Asia

Kohjinsha ultra-portable is priced well under $1,000.

By October 25, 2007