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Koala iPad mount lets you stick it to your bathroom

The removable Koala iPad wall mount promises to leave your walls in good condition while letting you stick your tablet just about anywhere, even the loo.

By March 20, 2013


The 404 678: Where we bite into a Koala Bear (podcast)

We're delving into the bizarre world of Kindlerotica, aka e-reader pR0n, plus a blacklist of words that Google considers too nasty to include in its Instant search feature.

By October 1, 2010


Ep. 678: Where we bite into a koala bear

We're delving in the bizarre world of Kindlerotica aka e-reader pR0n, a blacklist of words that Google considers too nasty to include in their Instant search feature, and more!

By October 1, 2010


Zuckerberg: Facebook founder, Harvard dropout...and koala-eating jet-setter?

Screenshots leaked to Gawker indicate that a tell-all about young tech billionaire has been greenlit. But enough inaccuracies in the text indicate that they might be fake.

By May 22, 2008


GM kills Pontiac, probably US Commodore exports too

Monday, US time, GM confirmed what the rumour mill had been cranking out all of last week: that it would kill the storied Pontiac brand. Along with it, the Holden Commodore with the koala nose, the Pontiac G8, will also probably perish.

By April 27, 2009


Ubuntu now has 'cloud computing inside'

Ubuntu 9.10 will be code-named Karmic Koala. For data centers, what is most interesting is the degree to which this Koala is reaching for the clouds.

By February 20, 2009


'Tis the season to Crave: Tim Moynihan's picks

In a perfect world, I would receive all of these things for the holidays in addition to world peace, an Ivan Lendl mousepad, and a flying koala.

By November 26, 2007