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Knomo goes Slim

Knomo's Slim lap top sleeve

By August 2, 2007


This week in laptops

Dell XPS m1330 finally shipping, laptop makers face parts shortages, we review laptops big and small, and more.

By August 3, 2007


Laptop bags bonanza

Do you have a whole bunch of gadgets and need a decent bag to carry them around in, but don't want to look like a city boy? Have a peek at our gadget bag photo story...

By November 20, 2006


Which laptop bag should I get?

What kind of laptop bag do you recommend and where can I buy it?

By September 6, 2006


Photos: Gadget cases don't have to be ugly

Fashionistas say you can haul around a lot of electronics and still look good.

February 22, 2005