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I'm ready for my closeup: Yahoo's push into big media

By hiring Katie Couric, Marissa Mayer makes a sharp turn toward her mission of entertaining us. It's only the latest move in Mayer's plan to bring Yahoo into the bright lights.

By November 25, 2013


Google kills Knol, Wave, and others to focus operations

The Web giant's latest round of product cuts includes a failed real-time collaboration tool, a browser plug-in, and a stab at reducing renewable-energy costs.

By November 22, 2011


Google celebrates 15 years of its biggest product: You

Google knows more about you than ever before, and you like it that way. How did the popular yet controversial company convince you of its trustworthiness?

By September 26, 2013


5 things Marissa Mayer will change about Yahoo

Google's main products were driven by data, not art. Can the new Yahoo boss adapt that mindset from Google?

By July 16, 2012


Google shutting down a bunch of projects you've never heard of

And some you have. On the chopping block: iGoogle, Google Video, Chatback, Google Mini, and the Symbian Search App.

By July 3, 2012


Google bringing new smarts to search with Knowledge Graph

Search giant builds a 500-million-item database of people, places, and things. Its content will be appearing in your search results starting today.

By May 16, 2012


Chime.in: Do we need another social network?

Meet a new network that's less about socializing with people and more about sharing what you know--and maybe making some money along the way.

By October 18, 2011


Google hopes to lure celebs to Google+

Celebrities attract a crowd, so it's no shocker that Google apparently wants to attract celebrities to Google+. The sticky wicket: identity.

By July 19, 2011


Google+ faces thorny online identity issues

Is that really Lady Gaga on Google's social network? Can a political dissident speak freely and anonymously? Google+ favors real-world names, but it's not a simple issue.

By July 12, 2011


Larry Page, here's your six-month plan

The Google co-founder is back on the job as chief executive today. So here's what he should be thinking about.

By April 4, 2011