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Google Earth KMZ or KML to GPS Converter

Convert and export routes, tracks, and waypoints from Google Earth (KMZ or KML) to GPX format.

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GPS 2 Google Earth

Log tracks, create placemarks, and save them as Google Earth KML files on your Pocket PC.

4 stars Editors' rating on Feb 27, 2009
4 stars Users' rating out of 17 reviews
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GPS Map Viewer

Display waypoints, routes, and tracks in an interactive map.

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Open Freely

Open over 100 different file extensions including DOCX, PPTX and XLSX.

5 stars Editors' rating on Nov 9, 2011
2 stars Users' rating out of 33 reviews
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KML Generator

Analyze GPS log files and generate Google Earth compatible KML files.

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KML Manager

Preview and calculate distance of tracks, import CSV and KML files, and export KML and GPX files.

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ESurvey KML

Convert Google Earth data to CAD Drawing in form of a KML file.

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GPX to KMZ/KML Converter

Convert waypoints, routes, and tracks from GPS (from GPX files) to Google Earth (KMZ or KML files).

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Keyhole markup language (KML) is a standard format used by many other mapping and navigation tools to represent geographical information. KML Map...

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KML Camera

Want to know where your pictures and movies were taken? Taking a trip and want to add notes to your photos? KML Camera creates KML files a standard...

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Make interactive maps to track your trip

Maps aren't just for navigation. Here's how you can keep track of your trip and share the journey with friends by making interactive maps.

By August 18, 2014


Skiing showdown: GPS-informed goggles miss the mark

CNET reporter Jay Greene, an avid skier, hit the slopes to try three pricey goggles with heads-up displays showing his speed and distance. Glitches in both the hardware and software led him to a much cheaper, more reliable alternative.

By January 3, 2013


Monitor your car's performance with the Torque app for Android

With the help of diagnostic scanner hardware, the Torque Lite and Torque Pro apps for Android give you a peek into the inner workings of your car's brain.

By July 2, 2012


New Google Earth for Android, iOS adds custom maps

Google Earth 6.2 for Android and iOS adds KML support, which means custom map overlays are now mobile.

By March 16, 2012


How to use satellite data to track Las Conchas fire

Tired of waiting for officials to update you on where the wildfire is active? Satellite data in Google Earth can give you a fast, rough look.

By June 30, 2011


Online resources for Japan quake info

An 8.9-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami have crippled Japan. Here are places to turn to online for information and aid.

By March 11, 2011


At FireLab, studying how fire works in order to battle it

As part of Road Trip 2009, CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiman visited the U.S. Forest Service's Missoula, Mont., Smokejumpers center and its FireLab program to see how the government battles and studies fire.

By July 15, 2009


My Tracks turns Android phone into GPS device

Google releases software that lets T-Mobile's G1 mobile phone use its GPS system to record where you've been and share the resulting maps online.

By February 12, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 906: Mail-order mice

We learn that, among other things, Rafe is trained in psychology and yearns to order mice. But we also kick around the meaning of security in Google Earth and Windows 7 and take up the cause of the wireless ISP in your neighborhood.

By February 6, 2009


Santa must be real, he's on Google Earth

Anxious Christmas revelers can track Santa's journey this year via Google Maps, iGoogle, "Santa Cam," mobile phones, and Twitter.

By December 23, 2008